Public Private Partnerships

Multi-Institutional Academic Health Science and Research Center
Evansville, Indiana

Project Description
Reaching beyond its own campus borders and academic programs and soliciting the participation of multiple regional academic and healthcare institutions, Indiana University wanted to create a new inter-professional medical education facility for students in southwestern Indiana and northwestern Kentucky. The Multi-Institutional Academic Health Science and Research Center facilitates collaboration with corporate industry and is critical to progressing research and generating new research start-ups. The facility creates a community connection that will support outreach programs critical to the development of healthcare professionals. The facility also provides convenient access to resources such as conference, banquet and exhibit facilities.

Creative PPP Financing
This project brought together four universities (public and private), four hospitals, city and state agencies and private-sector builders and developers to fund this multi-use facility. The project team used nontraditional funding models and a collaborative effort to plan this medical teaching facility, facilitating local, regional and healthcare economic growth and shaping the future of the patient’s care experience.

The financing of the Evansville facility grew out of mutual need. Like many states, Indiana is facing a shortage of healthcare professionals. Additionally, several of the large hospitals and universities in the area were not able to admit all of the students applying for their programs. Without enough adequate medical teaching programs in the area, many students from the region were taking residencies elsewhere and moving out of state. Once area hospitals identified the need for more healthcare teaching facilities, the question of financing and affordability took center-stage.

The Evansville project is an example of using creative financing to bring public and private funds together. The city, a private developer and public and private higher education facilities united to share use of multiple spaces and fund the project. The State of Indiana provided funding for predevelopment services; the City of Evansville donated property and financing to lower the lease rate of the facility with additional funding set aside for streetscape enhancements. US HealthRealty will develop and own the building; they contracted Skanska and PCI for design-build services. The University of Evansville (private), University of Southern Indiana and Indiana University will lease the building from US HealthRealty; St. Mary’s Medical Center, Deaconess Hospital, Memorial Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital will all share affiliation with the teaching space. With shared spaces and an extensive simulation area, the facility is designed to enable healthcare students to work in concert with each other at the beginning of their training to ensure collaborative care later in their careers.


Texas A&M Health Science Center
Bryan, Texas

U.S. HealthRealty completed the development and construction of the new Texas A&M Health Science Center project located in Bryan, Texas.

The building consists of structural concrete frame with brick and stone masonry veneers, curtain wall and punch windows. Site improvements include new utilities, concrete and asphalt paving, sidewalks and plazas. This project utilized BIM technologies throughout the construction phase to enhance the coordination of work. The building was designed to meet the unique needs of all major tenants and includes a simulated hospital, imaging center, two distinct lobbies and private entrances for clinical services.

The 128,000-SF, class A office space is home to the Texas Brain and Spine Institute, St. Joseph Health System Imaging Center, Blinn Jr. College Allied Health Programs, Texas A&M University Health Science Center, Texas A&M University College of Medicine, G. Deli and The Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center. The diverse mix of tenants cultivates an environment conducive to learning and healing, which is the mission of the campus.

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